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Group Coaching


Set Free Health and Wellness Coaching offers health and addiction group coaching sessions, which gives the client the opportunity to learn and grow in the presence of others, discover new healthy behaviors, see solutions to problems from another's perspective, and the guidance of a trained group facilitator.


Group Coaching sessions are conducted face-to-face and focus on client's needs and or problems as they relate to the treatment plan development.  Group coaching services are available for holistic health, behavioral and mental health and substance abuse and drug addiction.


Confidential Consultation w/Certified Case Manager Available Now:

Behavioral Health Case Management


Case Management services are provided to assit adults, youth and their families. The case managers are professional and experienced in helping families overcome life challenges.


Our case managers specializes in drug and alcohol intake and assessment process, provides linkage, referral and advocacy with customized assitance to meet each family's needs, in supportive and resourceful ways.

Mental and Behavioral Health Rehab


Our BHRS is an important member of the treatment team and work together to enhance counseling and therapy.


The BHRS meets face-to-face with adults and youth inside or outside of the office. Clients are seen for individual and mental health rehabilitation as it relates to behavior disorders, mental challenges, substance abuse and drug addiction.


Our BHRS provides our clients with an opportunity to learn and practice healthy coping skills in social interaction, daily living, education/vocation, health, medical, and housing.


Health and Addiction Coaching



Our Health Coach is a trained professional who provides one-on-one health and addiction coaching in-person, over the phone, via internet on ZOOM or Skype.


One-on-one health and addiction coaching is designed with a personalized holistic approach for people who want to optimize their health-as well as for people who have health challenges, mental and behavioral disorders, and substance abuse and drug addiction.


A personalized program is tailed to the client's specific lifestyle, needs and goals; that will give them the tools and support they need to make step-by-step changes to lifestyle and behaviors while discovering their health-blue print.





Available Groups:


Anger Management SAE Group

50 and Fit Group

Youngprenuers Mentoring Group

Relapse Prevention Group

True To Yourself Recovery Group

Women's SAE Health Group

If you would like a personalized group program for your church, business, event, or organization,

Please contact Coach Delores here.