A sneak peak at what's included in this program:

  • A Clean Eating Guide: This guide includes 6-weeks of clean eating recipes for gut health.


  • Daily E-mail support: I will be there to help you every step of the way.


  • Healthy Gut Building Journal


  • Food Diary: So that you might keep track of how you are progressing.


  • 3 x 45-minuet 1-1 sessions with Delores


  • Gut Cleanse Cheat Sheet


  • 2 Hand outs: Printable loaded with the best foods and supplements for the gut.


My exclusive program inspired by my fibroid challenge and hormone imbalance!

If you have been struggling with any type of health challenge, then you need to be making your gut health a top priority.......

Are you ready to get rid of the bloating, headaches, depression, joint pain, shed some pounds, balance hormones, clean your entire system and expierence a heathier you? Sure you are!


If you said "yes" to any of the above questions, then I have the solution for you! My healthy gut rebuilding group program will facilitate you through six weeks of healing your digestive system and empowering you to develop a healthy relationship with food,while balancing mood and hormones. It's designed to kickstart your weight loss and entire health and put you on your way to a more healthier you!


Get ready to see amazing changes, like improved digestion, balanced hormones, balanced blood sugar, increased immunity, reduced cravings, beautiful skin, and a more vibriate healthy you! You will be suprised how much your mood, hormones and body can change in six weeks!

Healthy Gut Rebuilding Program